Club House & Pool Rules





The Tuscany Pool and Club House are for the use and enjoyment of Tuscany POA members in good standing. We need to cooperation of all residents to make the pools both fun, safe and sanitary facilities for everyone. Residents must advise children and their guests of the rules and safety precautions.  The following rules must be observed at all times. The common areas are owned by the Tuscany Property Owners Association.  They are available to POA members in good standing and their guests.




1.                  The regular pool hours are from 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Monday – Sunday.


2.                  Pool access may be denied at any time due to capacity limits, weather, pool condition or if maintenance is required.


3.                  Use of the pool facilities is at the residents’ or guests’ own risk and by use of the facility the user agrees to hold the Tuscany POA and POA Management harmless in regard to liabilities of any kind related to the use of the facility.


4.                  Children who are not toilet trained must wear swim diapers. Pool contamination is costly and inconveniences everyone.  Please be considerate. Bring EXTRA swim diapers, wipes and plastic bags.  Also, please take soiled diapers with you when you leave.


5.                  POA members are not lifeguards.  When present, they have full authority and are responsible for interpretation and enforcement of all rules.


6.                  Residents will work cooperatively with POA Management to enforce the rules for the safety and enjoyment of everyone.


7.                  The pool is for the exclusive use of residents and their invited guests. A member resident may allow a guest who is eighteen (18) years of age or older who has resident permission and a tag to use the pool when they are not present until such time as space does not permit. A Tuscany HOA pool identification tag is required for admittance. Two tags will be issued to each household. If tags are lost or stolen, a $10.00 fee per tag will be charged for replacement.


8.                  Resident children under fourteen (14) years of age are not permitted in the pool area unless accompanied at all times by a parent or by a caretaker (Babysitter or Swim Instructor over 18). No guests of the resident child or the sitter/swim instructor are allowed without the resident parent being present. Said caretaker or parent must have a Tuscany HOA pool identification tag with them for admission.


9.                  Resident children between the ages of 14 and 18 are permitted in the pool area, subject to parental permission, without the presence of the resident parent, but are not permitted to bring guests unless accompanied by a resident parent or caretaker.  A Tuscany HOA pool identification tag is required for admission.


10.              No running, roughhousing, general horseplay or disorderly conduct that will endanger the safety of others is allowed.


11.              No diving, somersaults, back dives, cannon balls, preacher seats, can openers, or similar type entries from the edge of the pool are permitted


12.              Firearms, pellet guns, bow and arrows, sling shots and other hazardous items are prohibited from entering the pool complex.


13.              Trash containers are available for your trash. Please take a moment to pick up trash before you leave. This ensures that the pool area stays clean and enjoyable for everyone.


14.              No glass containers of any type are allowed in the pool area.


15.              No pets or animals of any type are allowed in the pool or clubhouse area except for service animals all State Health Code Rules must be followed.


16.              Smoking is not allowed at the pool or clubhouse.


17.              No bikes, skateboards or roller skates/blades are permitted in the pool or clubhouse areas.


18.              Residents and their guests must refrain from any activity, which is either a nuisance to other residents or guests or in any manner damages Tuscany POA property.


19.              Residents are responsible for any damage they, their children or their guests cause while using Tuscany POA property.


20.              Tenants who are renting their home from a POA Member must complete a Tenant Registration form which must be signed by the POA Member/Owner as well.  POA Member must be in good standing for tenant use of amenities.


21.              Use of Tuscany facilities can be denied to property owners and residents who are not in good standing due to covenant violations or unpaid association fees.


22.              Violations of these rules may result in (a) temporary revocation of pool privileges, (b) revocation of pool privileges, (c) fines or assessments, and/or (d) legal action against the violator.








1.              The Tuscany Clubhouse can be reserved by any member resident in good standing 

           with the HOA.


2.              The events calendar can be viewed online at website. You can reserve the clubhouse by clicking on contact us and send the name, date and time you would like to reserve the clubhouse or you may contact a Clubhouse/Pool Committee member. (Current contacts Stasi Stansbury 333-0108 or James Dean 751-1836).


3.              A cleaning/security deposit of $100 will be required to reserve the clubhouse. This is just a deposit and will be returned upon satisfactory inspection of the clubhouse by a Clubhouse/Pool Committee Member.  If clubhouse is not left in a satisfactory manner, the deposit will be deposited into the HOA fund and any costs associated with the clean up will be deducted from the deposit. Any unused portion will be returned to member resident.  




Effective date: June 1, 2011


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